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  • Cable reels
    Cable reels
  • re-fuelling
  • Mining industry
    Mining industry
  • Offshore
  • Bunker station
    Bunker station
  • Jack-up vessel
    Jack-up vessel
  • Fire Fighting
    Fire Fighting
  • Air Bubble System
    Air Bubble System


Hose & Reel Products BV is the biggest European distributor developer and manufacturer of high quality hose and cable reels for almost every conceivable application. This website describes and gives specifications on our standard reels and our possibilities for special custom build reels and reeling systems. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can fill in de the form by find your reel.

Standard Reels

On this page you can find our entire product overview. You can easily find the reel you need with the new product selector. If you follow this step by step you will find a type of reel suitable for your needs which you can inquire directly from the site. If you can’t find the reel you need, or you would like to have some adjustments, please fill in the inquire form which can be found by: find your reel.

Customer made reels

Hose & Reel Products BV is specialized and very expierenced in designing and constructing custom made reels. Our engineering and production department had designed and build reels for many types of applications like:

  • Mining industry
  • Offshore industry
  • Bubble curtains
  • Jack-up vessels
  • Etc.


Recent projects

To the right you can see some recent projects of Hose & Reel Products.

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